Customer Experience is the new Sales Frontier.
Software to make you the Best!


Nextpond is a powerful way to create your own pond of repeat, retained and referring clients.
More revenue. More loyalty. More love.


A systemized approach to your key client touch points, for immediate ROI
… then expand to systemize your entire business, at your own pace.


How Nextpond Makes you the Best!

Automated. Simple. Fast. The smart way to success.

Leading research shows that up to 60% of a clients decision to buy
has already been made before they even contact you.

Sales are won or lost based on the experiences you have already delivered to past clients.
– statistics provided by Gartner Inc. Technology Research

Clients are more informed than ever before and your ratings
and feedback are your new currency for success.

Excellence is Customer Experience delivers you more long term clients than traditional sales and marketing.


So how do we support you to do this?

Understand your clients touch points, capture the processes which drive them,
easily obtain rating and feedback and improve, improve improve!

Delivering an exceptional customer experience which they can only get from you, lifts you out of the price trap and creates loyalty and true appreciation.
Now you don’t rely of expensive sales and marketing and a constant flow of new clients which is simply exhausting and painful. Stop the churn and share the love.

Your team must deliver exceptional customer experience every time.
Clients who receives a 10 out of 10 experience account for 42% growth in sales through referral and recommendations.
– research provided by Saguity from 400,000 surveys during 2014 to 2017.

You know everything is being done right, and your clients enjoy consistency.
Plus new team members get the support they need, without you having to hold their hand.
You just add them as a user, choose their role, and everything they need is right there. Automatically.

  • Keep doing what you do best.

    Let Nextpond help you avoid micro-management forever.

    Once you’ve defined how things should work, everything just hums along. Nextpond’s state of the art technology makes understanding your business easier than ever before. You can keep working on the business, not just in it.

    Of course, you can define everything bit by bit…one task at a time, one role at a time.
    And you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, Nextpond is designed for the whole team to
    easily collaborate and assist you. Its in everyone’s interest to be part of a healthy business.

Hiring 100 new team members is as easy as hiring 1.
Scale with ease. Maximum leverage.

Because all team members have everything they need, and they’re all following the same processes, your business is almost infinitely scalable.

You can grow as fast as you need to, with almost no extra effort.
Just add the team to the system and the system supports the team.

  • Easily see how it’s working
    and exactly what needs to be improved.

  • With Nextpond’s powerful admin features, you’ll know who’s learning what, and quickly see the results.

    Collaborate on new improvements, team suggestions and client feedback…adapting your processes to quickly match and keep pace.

  • You can obtain client ratings and feedback
    to learn exactly which steps, in which processes
    need improvement.

    Then you can change the steps
    and quickly launch again to see the results.

About us

“ Integrity is the essence of everything successful – long term “

R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), 1895 – 1983

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